Is your SEO effort sending in enough traffic to your website? Yes or No? 

Are your Off-page SEO techniques failing?

So you must change and update your Off-page SEO methods.

Today, I’m going to tell you the 10 best and most effective Off-page SEO techniques that will increase your ranking and boost traffic to skyrocket.

Before we go ahead, the SEO algorithm is changed every time.

Take a look before 5 years ago some off-page SEO techniques work well but not now. 

The main reason is the Google algorithm. We need to use ever-green off-page SEO techniques that follow the Google algorithm very well. 

Let’s see which is suitable for you.

15 effective Off-Page SEO Techniques

Before applying off-page SEO activities make sure your website follow these five steps:

1. Audit Your Website

First thing first. Take time and full-audit your website.

What are the benefits of the audit? Well, after this process, you’ll see what’s an error in your sites, such as crawlability, broken links, internal linking, duplicate content, sitemap, and other issues.

Website Audit

The best tool to audit your website ideally is SEMrush.

SEMrush website audit tools are the best to find errors and other issues. Run a Full Website Scan in Minutes

How site error affects ranking?  

Well, Google hates errors and site issues. 

If your content is unique, but the website is not proper, you need to struggle to rank and get much traffic. 

That’s why an up-to-date website is a factor for ranking higher.

2. Upgrade Existing Content

Our content provides information that is updated and well research according to trends. 

The audience wants more upgradable information, and we need to provide them via our content. 

Most websites have this opportunity to add new data in existing content and rank higher in Google. 

Because a new blog or content takes some time to rank and gain much audience attention(without spamming). 

But, the question is “how can we update existing content and add well-researched data?” and “Which content do we need to update?”

Well, the simple answer is to take help from tools

  1. Google trends
  2. Google Search Console performance 
  3. Competitor analysis

Open Google Search Console and go Performance > Search Results > Pages

If you realized that your content did not get much traffic or attention, you need to understand that your content is outdated or requires more information. 

Simple as that, add more relevant data and get more traffic state. 

Upgrade some parameters such as:

  1. The change year 2020 to 2021
  2. Upgrade facts with the new version 

3. Find and Fix Keyword Cannibalization Issues

When two or more pages or posts are optimized for the same keywords, it’s called keyword cannibalization. 

It’s a wrong signal for ranking. 

By the way, You can optimize more than one page for the same keyword but make sure search intent is different for both. 

Keyword cannibalization is all about intent. 

You can find keyword cannibalization in SEMrush Position Tracking Tool.

SEMrush Position Tracking Tool

It is easy to find keyword cannibalization by keyword or by URL.

Once you find those errors, then you can fix them in different ways. Such as

  • Remove and 301 redirect cannibalized pages
  • Canonicalize cannibalized pages
  • Re-optimize pages
  • Merging and consolidating pages

4. Optimized For Feature Snippets

Google announced on Jan 22nd, 2020 about feature snippets

It was removed with double organic results on the first page and converted into feature snippets.

 Feature snippets got 10x more traffic.

Feature Snippet

If you already rank on the first page then you need to optimize your content for feature snippet

5. Optimized For Core Webs Vitals

Google recently announced in 2021 about Core Webs Vital

Core Webs Vital is becoming a ranking signal. 

The page experience signal consists of the Core Web Vitals, as well as these existing page experience metrics:

  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Safe-browsing
  • HTTPS-security
  • Intrusive interstitial guidelines

Core web vital has speed, responsiveness, and visual stability as:

  1. Largest Contentful Paint(LCP): This is defined as your main content load speed. Around 2.5 seconds or faster.
  2. First Input Delay(FIP): This defined page to become interactive, around 100 milliseconds. 
  3. Cumulative Layout Shift(CLS): This relates to the amount of layout shift of visual page content that is unexpected, with this ideally being less than 0.1.

Let’s see which Off-Page SEO techniques are effective for your website.

1. Resource Link Building

Now, resource links are the best link building technique and get quality links.

Let’s break it.

Resource link is building backlinks from pages that have a massive list of external links.

Resource link example

These links are powerful and help to rank higher on Google. 

When you find an excellent resource for your content then go and send your best pitch. 

Let me know how to find those pages.

Search on Google with the following queries:

“Your keyword” intitle:resources inurl:links.html

“Your keyword” intitle:links inurl: resources.html

“Your keyword”

“Your keyword” inurl:resources intitle:resources

Let’s take an example:

Resource link building

There are lots of pages with resources according to your keyword.

Open one of them and see what it actually has.

Resource link demo

You see, many external links are mentioned here as a resource. 

Now, approach the webmaster and pitch your awesome resources via the contact us page or email.

Don’t stop sending emails. You need to send many emails for resource page links. 

Pro tips: Don’t send mail one by one. Just search the query on Google and scrap all the SERP lists and make a sheet. Then approach in bulk. Make your email more personalized.

2. Broken Link Building

This is a more effective link building method than a resource page.

One of my favourite link building methods.  

A broken link is building links by replacing the link to the 404 error page with your target link. 

Here is how you can do that. 

See some pages of your competitors or some other website relevant to your website. 

Use check my links chrome extension for finding broken links.

Broken link finder

When you found broken links then pitch your relevant link to the website owner. 

Pro tip: Make more personalized mail and also include screenshots to get more attention. Tell the website owner the disadvantages of a broken link.

3. Commenting

If you think about just put comments in any website’s comment box, you are totally wrong.

I’m talking about put valuable comments according to the blog or article. 

Keep in mind first,  

In the past just dropped any comment in any website’s comment box and you got a more backlink, now that things abused by Google and decided irrelevant comments backlinks are useless.

How can you do that?

If you want to get backlinks from commenting then you should put valuable comments on relevant blogs.

Look at this comment.

Blog Commenting

It is the best comment with the valuable points mentioned.

Not just a blog but there are other sources, where you’ll get backlinks through comments.


Forums are the best way to engage with your relevant topic discussion and give answers. 

Find your niche-related forums and participate in them. 

Such as products, services, offers, questions, etc…

Blog Commenting finder

First of all, build a complete profile and add necessary information related to your business and you. 

Make a connection with other people and engage in discussion. Not put links earlier rather than forum administrators will ban you.

Just drop answers and questions. After that, your profile builds some authority then add one or two links. 

4. Build Links From Competitors Analysis

Now, many people are not getting much results from resource link building or broken link building. This method definitely helps you. 

Follow these three steps process:

  1. Make your top 10 competitors list
Link Building From competitor

Then analyze all competitor’s backlink profiles one by one. 

I use SEMrush and Ahrefs tools for competitor analysis. 

Export all the backlinks in one excel sheet and check all profitable links one by one. 

This is the best method to grab quality backlinks for your website without less effort. 

Make sure you need to do some little outreach for links where your competitor did guest post or resource link building. 

5. Guest Post

Believe me, a Guest post is the best method than other link building methods. 

Because every website owner wants quality and well-researched articles on their website.

If you’ll do a guest post on their website then it is a good addition for them and you get a backlink. 

Sounds good!

Let’s go deep and understand how you can find an opportunity. 

First of all, you need to find a website relevant to your niche.

Search advanced query on Google,

Such as:

keyword intitle:”write for us”

keyword intitle:” write for me”

Keyword intitle:”contribute to”

Keyword intitle:”submit” + inurl:blog

Keyword “submit a guest post”

Keyword inurl:/guest-post/

Keyword “guest post”

Keyword “guest post by”

Keyword “accepting guest posts”

Keyword “guest post guidelines”

Keyword “guest author”

Now you see lots of websites that accept guest posts. 

After that check all the authority websites one by one.

All websites has some conditions for guest posting. Because they don’t want any spamming and all. 

So, you need to prepare your article according to their condition.

But, the question is “How can you prepare the article before getting approval?”

Look, guest posting is not just a published article but adds value on other websites. 

So, you need to prepare some good research articles and pitch one by one to the targeted website. 

If your article is suitable for their website then you’ll get backlinks from that posts. 

This takes time but the link you’ll get from guest posts is more quality and also your website get more traffic. 

Now, I made this method a little bit simple. 

I made a sheet to find more guest posting opportunities in less time. 

  1. Find a website that accepts a guest post with a Google search query.
  2. Scrap all the SERP results with a scrapping tool.
Web Scrapping Tool

Open the data miner extension and click the Google search result option. Click the play button after hover cursor. 

3. After that click on the next step for export all URLs.

Web Scrapping Example

4. Download all URLs in the CSV file.

Web sccrapping in excel

Through this process, you get 100 URLs for guest posting. 

But, there are some URLs not working or not relevant to your niche or duplicate. 

So, put all URLs in a sheet that you can copy from here

Make sure to add URLs according to your search query, I add all search queries.

Finally, you have tons of guest-posting websites. 

Let’s analyze how many URLs are working and relevant to your niche.

Go to the second tab “Duplicates”.

Guest post with google sheet

Paste all the URLs in column C from tab 1.

After that, you see some cells highlighted with pink, grey, yellow, and other colors. 

Purple color means duplicate URLs

Grey color means not working or broken link. 

Yellow color means Marketing guides about guest posting techniques. 

Now, approach one by one or send bulk mail to all the website owners and get more approval for guest posting.

Note: Don’t pay for guest posting.

6. Make A Linkable Asset

A linkable asset is great for attracting more links. 

One benefits are people make more trust in your content. 

Linkable assets are high-quality pieces of content that attract backlinks or social shares because they include elements that people can refer to or feel are worth sharing and linking back to.

linkable asset for link building technique

How this will help you to get more links. 

People want a more in-depth guide for information purposes. 

Other hands, many website owners or content creators want valuable external resources for their content. So they find the best guide or source to link. 

7. Testimonial Link Building

Testimonial link building is the easiest way to acquire quality links for your website. 

Anyone wants the best testimonial for their product, services, or content, right. 

It is a positive relation between customers and owners. 

Here is a step by step process:

Analyze products or services you used for a long time and you got huge benefits from it.

Make a simple testimonial for them in the form of video, text, social media post, etc…

Send them or post in your content and link to that source. 

Let’s take an example:

Matthewwoodward made a testimonial video for Mythemeshop.

testimonial link building

So, as he did you also get a link for your testimonials.

8. Press Releases

Press Release is the relation between journalists and people. 

PR link is the high-quality backlinks from news and media websites. 

If you think about how to get that types of backlinks then HARO is the best platform

HARO connects journalists and sources.


Here you need to signup and build a profile.

Then after some time, you get daily emails from HARO.

Like this,

HARO email

After that, you can find your relevant topic and category. 

Where a journalist or company mentioned a requirement for content. 

Simply you need to prepare content and pitch them.

If your content fits their requirements then you’ll get high-quality backlinks.  

This is the best way to get PR backlinks.

9. Backlink Gap Analysis

Backlink gap analysis is easy to find where your competitor made a link. 

You can easily make a link where your competitor made it.

With the SEMrush tool, you can do that. 

Here is the step by step:

Go to Moz link intersect section.

For that feature, you need a Moz Pro account. You can start with Moz 30 day free trial.

backlink gap analysis
  1. First add your target website url in the root domain section.
  2. Then add your competitors’ website urls 1,2,3…
  3. Hit the Find opportunity button
backlink gap

Now, you see lot’s of unique domains where your competitor gets links and you don’t.

So, analyze that and start approaching them for links.

Ask for links via guest post, resource links, Infographics link, etc.

10. Promote Your Content 

This is not a method to get backlinks but you can boost traffic for your website.

Content Marketing is the best way to get more exposure to your content. 

Let’s see how.

  1. Share your content and products on social media platforms. (Don’t ignore anyone)
  2. Connect people the same as your industry.
  3. Ask for feedback for your content. (Indirectly you can ask for backlinks If they have a similar content like yours)
  4. Make an email list.
  5. Reach influencers to share your content.
  6. Ask people to retweet your content on Twitter.

Through content marketing, indirectly you can increase the chance to earn quality backlinks.


All link building methods are proven and result-oriented.

So, If you start building those types of links then definitely your website ranks on your target keywords.

But, remember one thing, not spamming.There are lots of websites that provide guest posting opportunities in terms of little fees.  

That type of guest posting website doesn’t have a specific niche and does not have authority, so be aware. 

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.